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6 Things Not to Do Before Your First Meeting with a Family Law Attorney

February 12, 2017

You made the decision to meet with a Family Law Attorney. You set up an initial meeting, called a “consultation.” Now what?

  1. Do Not Discuss Your Case with Anyone

You want to tell your side of the story. You want to persuade people to believe you. It is tempting to discuss your case, but do not do it! What may seem harmless to you, might have a huge consequence in your case. You made the choice to meet with an attorney for a reason, so do not undertake any action that may negatively impact your case.

  1. Do Not Forget to Bring the Documents That Relate to Your Case

Do you have a custody order and want to modify it? Do you have a signed agreement with your spouse? Did your spouse take out a protective order against you? Bring it to your consultation. This will allow an attorney to review important documents and advise you how to proceed.

  1. Do Not Threaten the Other Side with an Attorney

This type of threat is meaningless and often works to your disadvantage. It is similar to a child threatening to tell mom or dad. Do not fall into this trap!

Instead, write down what the other party in your case does, how she or she acts, and what he or she says, providing specific dates and times. Keep these notes for your attorney to review. A Family Law Attorney is available to guide you through the legal process, not to bully the other side.

  1. Do Not Post Anything on Social Media

What you post on social media can used against you in a case. If you are going through a divorce, do not post pictures with your new romantic partner. If your ex is not paying child support as ordered, do not take to social media to publicly shame him or her. If you had a good time at party this past weekend, do not post pictures of you partying when you are in a custody battle. While posting on social media may not cause a judge to rule against you, why give the other side any ammunition to hurt you?

  1. Do Not Sign Anything

Our experienced Family Law Attorneys have seen many people act by signing an important document based on another person’s promise. Be careful and wait until you discuss it with an attorney.

  • Your spouse promises to refinance the mortgage if you sign the deed to the house.
  • Your ex promises to terminate child support if you give him or her custody of the children.

These are common mistakes that clients make. Do not fall prey to them!

  1. Do Not Hide Important Information from Your Attorney

 In order to represent a client as well as possible, an attorney needs to know important information. By hiding, refusing to disclose, or flat out lying to an attorney about important information that affects your case will wreak havoc. Be honest, forthright, and direct. It will save you time, attorney fees, and might even allow you to reach a better result.

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