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Elder Law

Virginia Beach Elder Law Attorneys

As people grow older, they encounter unique legal
concerns involving their health care, finances, and estate planning. Elder law covers many aspects of life for the elderly and disabled, including entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security, assisted living, guardianship, and long-term financial planning. Our elder law lawyers
help older adults plan for their future, as well as handle the unexpected.

Long-Term Care

Elderly people may require different levels of care as they age, from in-home assistance to nursing facilities. It is never too early to begin planning for financial needs in retirement, especially as long-term care becomes increasingly expensive.  Seniors may be eligible for benefits through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or other benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, which can help offset these costs. An elder law lawyer can help adults plan for their future and navigate entitlement programs to receive the maximum benefits available to them.

It can be difficult to determine what level of care is needed and what facility would be the best fit. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which a senior may not receive the appropriate care from a caregiver or nursing home. When an elderly person is subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect, they may not be able to advocate for themselves. At East Coast Trial Lawyers, we are committed to protecting the rights of seniors and ensure that they are receiving the care they deserve.

Estate Planning

Establishing an estate plan is the best way to ensure that a person’s assets are distributed according to their wishes when they pass away. This can be done at any time, although it may need to be changed or updated as a person’s circumstances change. Depending on the size of the estate and the types of assets, it can be difficult to sort through and make sure they are distributed fairly and managed appropriately. There are also significant tax concerns when transferring property after one’s death, and it is important to structure your estate plan to minimize the burden for your beneficiaries. Having a comprehensive will or trust in place can help simplify the process and avoid unnecessary hassles or expenses.

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Part of estate planning should include establishing a living will or advance directives. There may come a time when an elderly or disabled person can no longer make their own financial or health-related decisions. Granting a power of attorney to a trusted individual can help ensure that their health care needs are met, and their assets are managed on their behalf. Through an advance medical directive or power of attorney, a person can choose someone to advocate for them, lay out what their rights and responsibilities will be, and decide when they will go into effect.

If no advance arrangements are made and a person is suddenly incapacitated, a family member or loved one can petition for guardianship. A guardian is responsible for an elderly or disabled person’s wellbeing, including their health care, housing, and other personal needs. A conservator may also be appointed to manage the person’s financial affairs. The guardian and conservator can be the same person or different individuals, depending on the person’s needs.

Our Virginia Beach Elder Law Lawyers Provide Customized Services to Seniors

Our trusted Virginia Beach elder law lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help seniors and their families with all their elder law needs and concerns. At East Coast Trial Lawyers, we understand that every individual’s needs are different, and we will handle your case with compassion and care while protecting your interests. With offices conveniently located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we help seniors and their families throughout Chesapeake, Eastern Shores, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. Call us today at 757-352-2237 or contact us online for an initial consultation.

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