Virginia Car Crash Statistics

Virginia Beach Car Accidents Drivers reported over 120,000 car accidents in Virginia during 2014, and over 63% of those crashes had injuries. Seven hundred people died in Virginia wrecks that year. In Virginia Beach alone, drivers had 6, 544 wrecks, over half of those involved serious injuries. Alcohol intoxication played a role in thirty-six percent of car accidents where someone died.

Thirteen percent of all fatal accidents involved a truck or other commercial vehicle. These larger vehicles driven by professional drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident, but the accidents they are involved in are more likely to be fatal.

Hampton Roads can be a dangerous place to drive, and Virginia Beach also presents unique challenges to even the safest drivers. Tourist activity, narrow bridges and tunnels, and population density all contribute to traffic accidents in the resort city. Distracted driving combined with busy or narrow roadways causes many traffic accidents. Drivers who don’t use their phones while driving, wear their seatbelts, and never drive after drinking, will dramatically reduce their chances of being in a wreck.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Helps After Car Accidents

Unfortunately, even the safest driver can still be hit by someone driving negligently. That’s why we work to help injured people get their lives back after an accident. The aftermath of a crash can be incredibly difficult. Some accident victims miss work and have significant expenses after an ambulance transports them or they visit the emergency room or doctor’s office. In an ideal world, insurance companies would voluntarily compensate accident victims adequately. But that almost never happens. In the real world, accident victims need help to get their lives back. This is especially true when the injuries include a traumatic brain injury.

In conclusion, many people want to know if their case is worth pursuing. Maybe your case involves only minor injuries or you’re not sure who was at fault. We can answer those questions for you. Just complete our online case evaluation for an estimate of what your car accident case is worth.

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