Commercial trucks are a backbone of our economy. Sometimes called “18 wheelers,” professional drivers guide these large vehicles. National statistics show that these professionals are less likely to cause an accident than average drivers. But when big trucks are in an accident, the consequences are huge. Truck wrecks cause major damage because of the vehicle’s weight and size compared with average cars. These accidents also cause significant injuries.

commercial trucks and wrecksTruck accidents, although less frequent than accidents with cars, are more than twice as likely to cause personal injury to people in nearby cars. If a large commercial vehicle hit your car, then you know this is true. Among the most common accidents with commercial vehicles is the “sideswipe”. Most often happening on the highway, this type of accident happens when the truck fails to stay in its lane. It can cause a cascade of problems for other drivers on the highway, who aren’t expecting the wreck. One way to try to avoid this is to remain out of the truck driver’s “blind spots” along the side of the truck.

Another common commercial accident occurs when trucks cannot stop and slide sideways across a highway. The truck will sweep any vehicles in nearby lanes under the truck or across the roadway. The forces an out-of-control truck applies to smaller vehicles can be enormous, causing them to roll or flip.

Dealing with Trucks and Insurance After an Accident

The insurance companies for commercial driving companies have lawyers on retainer, ready to fight every injury case. If you’re the victim in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you’ll get a call from their insurance company. They’ll want you to make a statement, and they might offer you money. Don’t take it. That’s usually a quick settlement to prevent you from recovering money for your injuries and pain. Remember, the commercial driver’s insurance is in the business of minimizing any payout at all. They’re not looking out for you.

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