Virginia Beach slip and fall lawyer fight for injured victims of slip, trip, and fall accidents.According to the 2006 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, the annual direct cost of disabling occupational injuries due to slips, trips and falls is estimated to exceed $11 billion. Falls are the second most costly occupational injury (estimated annual cost of $6.7 billion), just behind overexertion. Injuries from slipping or tripping are the third highest injury category, followed by falls to a lower level (4.6 billion). A slip and fall accident can be very serious.

When you have an injury at work, you may have a Workers’ Compensation case. When you have an injury at a commercial location, such as a grocery store, you may have a more standard personal injury case. Either way, our experienced attorneys want to help you.

You may feel embarrassed after a fall, but don’t let that keep them from taking the right steps. That’s an understandable reaction, but your fall on commercial property was probably not your fault. Businesses have strict safety guidelines to prevent exactly that. Businesses must use reasonable care to protect customers and employees.

Get Medical Help After a Slip and Fall

If you have a serious injury, call an ambulance immediately. If your injury is not an emergency, you can follow a few steps while you’re still at the store to make sure and document what happened. As soon as you leave the store, go to the Emergency Room or your primary care doctor. Some people are not aware of their injuries until the doctor does a full examination. A slip and fall accident sometimes causes serious injuries that patients do not notice right away. Let your doctor do a full examination.

Take Pictures or a Video of the Area Where You Fell

Assuming you are able, or if you are with someone else, take pictures of the area where you fell. A video of the area is even better. Show any liquids or hazards that may have contributed to the slip and fall, as well as any warning signs that were nearby. Also, if it is a store, photograph the items on the shelves near where you fell.

Complete an Incident Report

The facility may ask you to write an incident report about what happened. You should complete the incident report, describing the accident and what condition caused it. In the report, just clearly explain exactly what happened. You need a copy of the report, so if the business doesn’t want to make a copy for you, then you should snap a clear photo of each page of the report after you have written it and then return it to the business.

Get Contact Information for Anyone Who Saw the Accident

Request that any others nearby who witnessed the accident give you their name and phone number. You may need to contact them to be witnesses for you. This would include both employees of the location as well as others who just happened to be there and saw what happened.

An insurance company representing the business where your injury occurred will probably contact you. You do not have to speak with them, and we strongly advise that you have your own attorney representing you.

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