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Virginia Beach Divorce Attorneys at East Coast Trial Lawyers are experienced in all family law matters. It can be overwhelming. Whether you need an attorney to respond to a divorce filed against you, or you’ve realized that you need to file one against your spouse, the decision can be difficult to make. The road ahead can seem unclear, and the prospect of this major change is daunting. Finding stability as you proceed through it means partnering with an expert in the process, who can guide, explain, and coach you through it while vigorously defending your rights, and your children’s rights, when necessary.

With the team of Virginia Beach divorce attorneys at East Coast Trial Lawyers at your side, you can have peace of mind — knowing that a team of highly skilled lawyers is fighting for you, and standing by to guide you through a difficult process.  Our family law attorneys provide full-service on all family law issues for our clients.

Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyers to Take Action

We are proactive on behalf of every client. This means we take action to affirmatively seek their goals in resolving their family law issues. Our firm takes a team approach to every case. This means that you have the experience of a whole team of Virginia Beach Divorce Attorneys ready and available to tackle even the most challenging case.

Of course, not all divorces are the same. When yours involves military members, whether active duty or retired, we must consider unique regulations and circumstances. As experienced Virginia Beach attorneys, we provide the specific assistance that divorcing military spouses must have.

There are several types of divorce:  uncontested, contested, fault-based, and no-fault are some of the terms  you may hear mentioned. It’s true that if yours is uncontested and no-fault, it can usually be done quickly and efficiently. The cost will be lower for that type than for others.  The issue with uncontested divorces, however, is that sometimes as you are in the middle of the process, the other party decides he or she wants to contest it or use fault grounds. When that happens, it will become contested.  At that point, you must be sure that you’ve hired the right law firm. Even if you think your separation will be amicable and the process will be easy, you should nevertheless hire a law firm that is ready for a trial just in case.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and all of Hampton Roads

Located in Virginia Beach, we serve family law clients anywhere in Hampton Roads, including Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton.  We are experienced family law attorneys, specifically handling divorce, child custody, contested divorce, spousal support and alimony, military divorce, child support, adoption, property settlement agreements, separation agreements, uncontested divorces, and no-fault divorces.  Contact us online or call 757-352-2237 to set up a consultation with expert family law attorneys at East Coast Trial Lawyers.