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Causes of Car Accidents

Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers use skill to successfully settle all types of car accident cases.Car accidents are caused by several factors. When on the road, drivers must be careful when among other motorists who may not take the same precautions they do. Consider how you drive; sometimes drivers make poor decisions that could lead to an accident. The following scenarios should be avoided as much as possible:

Aggressive Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem in America because drivers are on their phones, trying to read maps, or talking to passengers. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Drivers need to be on the lookout for aggressive drivers around them and should try to avoid them as much as possible. It is much safer to let them pass. If a driver is enraged by a discourteous driver, they should let that person pass and stay away from them on the road. Reacting to these drivers while on the road puts both themselves and their passengers at risk.

Virginia Beach has a robust tourism industry, and drivers should avoid tourists who do not know where they are going. Do not get mad every time someone does not know where they are going. When on the road, observe the speed limit and simply drive to your destination. Drivers should not assume that they can maintain control of their vehicle while they are angry. Cutting off another driving or braking repeatedly will not solve any problems.

Incidents Involving Large Trucks

Drivers should be aware of large trucks on the road. In 2017 alone, there were 45 large truck accidents in Virginia, but only 12 truck drivers were killed. The weight of these trucks makes them much more dangerous, and drivers should not cut off these trucks because they cannot stop as fast as a small vehicle. Large trucks are difficult to drive, and drivers should be respectful when they are near large trucks on the road. At times, truck drivers cannot see passenger cars because they are sitting in their blind spots. It is best to stay behind a large truck or pass them completely.

When you are sitting in front of a large truck, do not ride or slam on the brakes. A truck driver that is forced to use their brakes too much could experience brake failure. What should have been a simple emergency stop has now turned into a dangerous crash.

Auto Defects

There are about 190,000 car fires every year in America, and these fires alone cause over $1 billion in damage. Cars are recalled for a range of issues, and these recalls could be the reason that you crash. Mechanical defects with your car could cause fires, or the car could stop working at any time.

When a car has physical issues, it could fall apart on the road. Do your best to check for recalls on your vehicle at least once a month, and have the vehicle serviced regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly. While drivers may not know about a recall, a mechanic can alert to any problems. Common automotive defects include:

  • Faulty glass that will not shatter properly could cause worse injuries than the impact of a crash.
  • Faulty latches on doors make it difficult to exit the vehicle after a crash, and this situation could be even worse if a car has been submerged in water.
  • Faulty steering wheels could cause a driver to lose control or strike other vehicles.
  • Faulty sensors might not alert a driver to problems with the car that could cause a crash or fire.
  • Faulty airbags will not protect drivers in an accident.
  • Faulty welding or construction could cause the roof to cave in during a rollover accident, or the hood could crumple into the passenger area during a crash. The same is true of a poorly constructed trunk, and badly designed wheels or axles could break free of the vehicle at any time.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is a major factor in many truck accidents, but it can be a problem for all drivers. When leaving the house in the morning, drivers might not be fully awake. When driving home at night, drivers may be tired from a day’s work. During long distance commutes, take breaks so that you are not drowsy at the wheel. Drivers might not fall asleep at the wheel, but they could cause a major accident because they are not alert, their reflexes are not very good, or they cannot see the road. Ask someone else to drive or use a ridesharing service.

Drugged Driving

Drugged driving leaves a driver with the same affects as drunk driving. Even if you are consuming over the counter medications, you are not fit to drive. Make sure that there is a designated driver in the group. If no one can drive, use a ridesharing service to get home. In 2016 alone, over 20 million drivers admitted to driving while under the influence of a substance.

Drunk Driving

Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers provide aggressive counsel to claim justice in drunk driving claims. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 30 people suffer fatal injuries each day due to drunk driving accidents. These accidents are completely preventable. When out with friends, designate someone to drive everyone home, or call a ridesharing service or taxi. If a driver is pulled over while intoxicated, they could face hefty fines and jail time. In Virginia, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Hazardous road conditions cause accidents because drivers often feel very confident, even though it is raining, snowing, or windy. Experienced drivers think that they can control their vehicles, but they could hit a massive puddle, slide on ice, or the car could be pushed off the ground by the wind. Slow down to better maintain control of the vehicle and be on the lookout for construction sites or potholes.

People often get into accidents when they drive over potholes at high speeds that they did not see. Accidents could occur if the driver is speeding through a construction site, where construction workers could be struck or killed in the process. This could set off a chain reaction, and other vehicles can be involved.

Drivers must also slow down when the lanes shift because of construction, when there is no shoulder to drift into, or the lanes narrow because of construction work.


Speeding was a factor in 26 percent of all fatal accidents in 2018 alone. If a driver is speeding, they are putting themselves, their passengers, and other drivers at risk by doing so. Slow down to make evasive maneuvers if there is an accident, when driving through a construction site, and when driving in inclement weather.

Large vehicles are harder to control at high speeds, and it is much harder to make an emergency stop when speeding. Slow down and move with the flow of traffic.

Distracted Driving

Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers will get the compensation you deserve after a distracted driving accident. Distracted driving is more than just texting and driving. Do not respond to emails while driving and use a hands-free system for directions or phone calls on the road. Do not turn around to talk to your passengers and do not talk with your hands. Hands must be on the wheel at all times and eyes must be on the road. Ask a passenger to look up directions, place a call, or change the song on the radio.

Distracted driving is often a problem for young or inexperienced drivers who have grown up with digital technology. As the world progresses, young drivers believe that they can multitask at the wheel, but that is not the case. Parents can talk to their teens about distracted driving and set an example by refraining from using their own phone while driving.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

A common misconception about lawyers who handle personal injury cases is that they are all the same. The truth is that all law firms are not the same, and those differences can affect how much stress or frustration you feel during the process. It is important that you find the firm you are most comfortable working with.

When injured in an auto accident, a slip and fall accident, or any other cause, you want to focus on your medical care and recovery. Your lawyer should be handling matters with the insurance company and ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Our experienced and highly qualified Virginia Beach car accident lawyers are easy to work with, remain in constant communication with you, and guide you through the legal process one step at a time.

Clients who chose East Coast Trial Lawyers to handle their case find that they hired not just a lawyer, but a team ready to face even the largest and most stubborn insurance companies. It is common for our team to obtain amazing out-of-court settlements for our clients. We get those settlements for our clients by making sure the insurance companies know we are ready to go to trial on every personal injury case when it is in our client’s best interest. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries. We will determine the cause of the accident and guide you through the legal process.

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