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How Do Parked Trucks Cause Accidents?

August 28, 2019

Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers discuss how parked trucks can cause accidents. It is hardly uncommon to see semis and 18-wheelers parked by the side of the road in Virginia. However, they can be more than a nuisance, especially when they are parked improperly. Many people have been hurt in accidents that stemmed from trucks illegally parked along highways and streets.

Parked Trucks are Hazards

Any time a commercial-sized vehicle is sticking out in the road, even a little, it can cause problems for other drivers. For instance, a driver might go around a blind curve and unintentionally rear-end a poorly parked truck. Similarly, a driver could run into a truck that is double-parked in a suburban neighborhood or city. Sometimes, trucks sitting by the side of the road merely get in the way of drivers swerving to avoid colliding with another vehicle or object. In all these cases, the semis are too bulky to go around quickly and successfully. The amount of force absorbed by a passenger vehicle that hits a parked truck is greater than the impact sustained in a collision with a truck moving in the same direction.

Why Truckers Park Illegally

Occasionally, truckers will pull over to sleep, go to the bathroom in nearby woods, or grab a bite to eat. This is all against the law, not to mention reflective of poor judgment. A truck driver may have no choice but to pull off to the side of the road if their rig is suffering from mechanical problems. Under those circumstances, the trucker is expected to put out safety triangles or set off flares per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines. This helps other drivers see the stopped semi from far away, although it is not foolproof.

Providing Liability After Colliding into a Parked Truck

Trucking companies and their insurance providers hesitate to compensate victims of accidents, even when trucks are illegally parked. This puts the burden of proof on the victim to show that the parked truck contributed to a crash. To prove that the parked truck was at least partially at-fault, the victim must provide documentation and expert testimony. With everything else the victim is going through, explaining how a parked truck played a part in an accident can be challenging.

Car accident lawyers who have successfully litigated on behalf of clients in these situations can smooth the way to successfully arguing in favor of the victim. The lawyers have the resources and expertise to help victims recover damages, including the cost of medical treatments, property damages, lost wages, and potential pain and suffering, wrongful death, or survivor damages.

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