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Car Accidents Involving the Elderly

October 23, 2019

Virginia Beach car crash lawyers discuss accidents caused by elderly drivers. Along with the aches and pains associated with aging, one major concern among seniors is the impending loss of freedom. Becoming dependent on loved ones is a tough pill to swallow for adults who have always valued self-sufficient. Resistance to surrendering to age-related limitations is common. However, responsibility is crucial when it becomes clear that an older person’s decision to get behind the wheel is putting them and others at risk.

As drivers age, several issues arise that have the potential to affect their fitness for driving. In addition to general decline in health and cognitive function that come with age, older drivers must contend with loss of hearing, diminished eyesight, mobility issues, and slowed reaction time.

Adult-Child Caregivers

Unfortunately, it often falls to the elderly individual’s caregiver to suggest or even enforce the new restrictions. The flip in the parent-child relationship leads to a new set of responsibilities and a sense of uninvited supervision for the aging parent. Among the uncomfortable discussions and the frustrating resistance, how much responsibility does the caregiver bear to force their parent to relinquish the car keys?

Even if it is undeniably clear that the elderly driver should not be driving, there are no laws that assert that the child be held liable for their parent’s actions. A child may have a moral obligation to keep their parent from causing havoc on the roads, but they are under no legal obligation.

Seeking Compensation

When in an accident with an elderly driver, an injured party may collect damages if they are able to prove that the elderly driver was negligent in getting behind the wheel. If, for example, the issue came up with loved ones only to be disregarded, there may be a case to be made that the older driver acted negligently in dismissing the concerns. If the elderly driver was told by a doctor that they should not be driving, they could be found negligent. Victims of car accidents can pursue damages on the grounds that the elderly driver knowingly breached a duty to stay off the roads. Contacting a knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help with any of these issues.

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