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End of Daylight Saving Time Increases Driving in the Dark

November 4, 2019

Virginia beach car accident lawyers discuss end of daylight saving time increases driving in the dark.The end of daylight-saving time indicates more time in the dark, leading to unique issues for drivers. These issues include more drowsy drivers, limited visibility, and a higher risk of accidents. As the days get shorter, it is important for drivers to know how to adapt to this transition. This helps prevent motor vehicle accidents, leading to less injuries and fatalities.

Limited Visibility

 One issue with night driving is limited visibility. It is harder to distinguish figures in the dark, leading to a higher chance of getting in an accident. Drivers have limited depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision in the dark. As drivers age, their night vision deteriorates. These limitations indicate that driving in the dark is more challenging than driving while the sun is out. In the dark, drivers must turn on their lights to see the road. Many vehicles have particularly bright lights that can blind other drivers. This limitation in visibility leads to motor vehicle accidents. In winter, when the sun sets earlier, this issue is only exacerbated.

 Drowsy Driving

 Since the days are shorter, drowsy driving tends to occur more often. This is because of the body’s internal clock. When the human body sees darkness, the brain tells the body that it is tiring. Since the winter months have less sunlight, drowsy driving rates tend to increase.

Tips for Drivers

 Due to the unique challenges drivers face during the winter, it is important to stay cautious. Implementing the following tips can help drivers avoid the disastrous outcomes of an accident.

  • Keep a slow speed
  • Maintain a safe distance from surrounding vehicles
  • Stay cautious of drivers who weave in and out of lanes
  • Avoid distractions, especially cell phones
  • Maintain annual eye exams
  • Clean headlights regularly
  • Know when to properly engage low and high beams
  • Invest in anti-reflective eyewear
  • Keep the dashboard dimly lit
  • Stay cautious of animals darting in the road

These tips help keep drivers attentive while on the road, leading to fewer accidents. If an accident does occur, it is important to find a car accident lawyer to help victims obtain maximum compensation.

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