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Accidents Increase Due to Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

December 17, 2019

Virginia Beach car crash lawyers discuss accidents increase due to drunk driving over the holidays.With the year rapidly ending and parties happening often, it is important to remind everyone the dangers of drunk driving. During the holidays, the chances of being involved in a traffic accident skyrocket: overcrowded roadways and dangerous weather conditions combined with people leaving parties where alcohol is served can lead to disastrous situations.

The statistics do not lie; drinking and driving occurs during the holiday season more so than any other time of year. Parties during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve occur often, from bars and restaurants to your neighbor’s house. Drunk driving prevention starts with the driver. By no means should you get behind the wheel, even if you had one drink. Most people who are caught drinking and driving are those who rarely ever do it; often, someone does not know how impaired they are and think they are sober.

The following are tips to remind yourself and your loved ones to enjoy the festivities this holiday season safely and responsibly:

  • If going to a party where alcohol is served, always have a plan. This means either arrange a designated driver in your group or make sure you find public transportation. If you are hosting a party, monitor everyone’s drinks and behaviors. Stop people from drinking if they are visibly impaired and take their keys away. You could be held responsible if someone leaves a party you host and is charged with a driving under the influence. Arrange rides and make sleeping arrangements for party goers, if necessary.
  • If you do drink, do not drink on an empty stomach. Everyone absorbs alcohol differently, so do not think that one drink cannot impair you, especially if you have no food in your stomach to absorb the alcohol.
  • Monitor the road while you are driving. If you see another driver swerving, or are visibly having trouble staying on the road, maintain a safe distance and notify the police immediately. This includes other drivers who hit another vehicle, turn or stop suddenly, turn too wide, or have their face close to the windshield.
  • Always talk to your loved ones about their holiday plans. Teenagers and college students are newer drivers and need to be extra cautious when traveling during the holidays and late night hours.

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