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Danger of Improper Lane Changes

December 11, 2019

Virginia Beach car crash lawyers discuss danger of improper lane changes.Virginia Beach made headline news in October 2019 due to a multi-vehicle crash that left five people injured. By all accounts, two of the victims were in serious condition. In the hour just before dawn, motorists traveling along one of Virginia Beach’s well-used roadways ran into one another. The collision, according to police reports, was due to unsafe and improper lane changing.

On highways that allow drivers to travel alongside each other in the same direction, lane changes occur frequently. Some lane changes are made to get ahead of other, slower-moving vehicles. Other lane changes are required to get to an appropriate exit, which allegedly occurred in the Virginia Beach accident. No matter why a driver chooses to change lanes, the driver must make the move as safely as possible. Otherwise, a collision with another vehicle can occur.

When are Lane Changes Dangerous?

Lane changing becomes risky when drivers do not take appropriate precautions before, during, and after the lane change. Before the lane change, the driver has a responsibility to use turn signals to alert other motorists. Ideally, the turn signal should give enough time for fellow drivers to slow down or adjust their vehicles’ speed and distance from the turning car.

Prior to the lane change, the motorist should ensure the other lane provides a clear path. Darting in and out of cars without cautiously evaluating whether there is room is not appropriate. During a lane change, a driver should make the change deliberately while keeping eyes on all the other vehicles on the road. Drivers should stay at the same cruising speed so other motorists can keep their distance.

Once a lane change has taken place, the motorist should continue moving forward or move smoothly toward an exit ramp. The motorist’s speed should remain consistent. Not following these simple rules of the road can lead to car accidents and pileups.

Determining Fault in a Lane Change Wreck

In many cases, the driver who makes the lane change is presumed negligent. However, this is not always the situation. For example, a motorist driving behind a car making a lane change may not notice the driver’s turn signals due to distraction. The distracted driver could directly cause the rear-end collision, rollover wreck, front-end accident, or side impact crash. Speeding motorists can also create problems, as those drivers may rush into an open lane without giving thought or room for lane-changing motorists.

Victims who have been seriously hurt in lane change wrecks may need to seek representation from a car accident lawyer to help prove driver negligence. Insurance companies can be quick to assess blame without looking over all the evidence and checking the facts.

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