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Who is Liable for My Slip and Fall Injury at a Hotel?

December 5, 2019

Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers discuss who is liable for a slip and fall injury at a hotel.A traveler enjoying a long-awaited vacation away from home may sustain a fall, resulting in injury. Who is responsible and what happens next? For the victim of a fall at a hotel or resort, the first action is to seek immediate medical treatment for the injuries. If the fall occurred because of lack of reasonable care by the hotel, is there legal recourse to compensate the traveler for their medical costs? Each case depends on the specific details, but the victim of a slip and fall accident at a hotel should know basic information about their legal rights.

Responsibility and Negligence

A hotel has a legal responsibility for the safety of their guests. Premises liability governs the hotel’s duty to maintain the premises in reasonable and safe conditions for their guests. Their duty is to eliminate hazards and repair any obstructions or conditions that would result in a slip and fall accident. If the hotel is negligent in this duty, they can be held legally responsible for the guest’s injuries and cost of medical treatment.

Typically, any property owner, including a hotel, has the responsibility to maintain their facility in a safe condition. This includes having adequate lighting, ensuring there is sufficient security, and having a maintenance plan to maintain steps, walkways, pool facilities, and other areas that guests are expected to use. In case of temporary hazards, such as water leaks, ice and snow, or construction, hotels have a duty to install warning signage or restrict access. Guests are not in their home environment and are entitled to a high level of protection from dangerous conditions on hotel and resort premises.

Proof of Negligence

A hotel guest who is injured in a slip and fall must first show that the property owner failed in their requirement to keep it in reasonably safe condition. Slip and falls are among the main reasons for premises liability lawsuits and hotels should be fully aware of their duty under the law to guests. If the injured party is a non-guest or is trespassing, however, the victim may not be entitled to relief.

When injured on another party’s premises, it is important to document the conditions where the fall occurred. Taking photographs of the hazard or lack of warning signs, contacting anyone who witnessed the accident, and immediately reporting the accident to hotel staff are key things to remember. If you experienced an injury from a fall due to negligence, contact a Virginia Beach slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. There are statues of limitations that govern the time frame, as well as specific liability laws that may apply, so it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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