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Does Your Car Have the Needed Safety Features?

February 12, 2020

Old standards like seatbelts, good tires, and airbags make cars safer, but safety technology in newer models are setting high standards. Safety features should be considered before purchasing a new car; these features are important because they help prevent car accidents and injuries.

Driver Assist

Features like automatic emergency braking is meant to provide safety for a driver who momentarily loses focus. Lane departure assistance alerts the driver when they cross a lane line without using a turn signal. Adaptive cruise control maintains both the speed of the car and a safe following distance. Smart high-beams automatically switches back to regular headlights when another car approaches; this prevents other drivers from being blinded and distracted while they are on the road.

Safety Alert Systems

Smart systems can alert drivers and passengers to dangers they may miss. Blind spot alerts bring the driver’s attention to a passing car by using a small light in the side mirror to warn the drive that there is a close vehicle.

Rear seat reminders are beneficial to highly stressed parents, they prevent tragedy by notifying the driver to check the back seat. This is meant to prevent a child being accidentally left behind. The reminder technology is activated when the rear door is opened in the minutes prior to the car starting and when the car is functioning. When the car is turned off, the reminder appears on the control panel.

If there is a car or bike detected in the rearview camera, Safety Exit Assist will not allow the back door to open, which keeps children and other backseat passengers safe.

Improved View

Many new vehicle models use cameras mounted on the exterior to display images on the dash or rear-view mirror to help with reversing and other functions. In addition to rear-end images, Range Rover’s ClearSight technology also displays images from cameras mounted on the mirrors and front grill, which together create a view of the foreground that allows the driver to see past the car’s hood.

Other Safety Technology

Buckle to Drive, introduced by Chevrolet, will not allow the vehicle to operate until every occupant buckles their seatbelt. Another feature is Teen Driver Technology, which allows parents to monitor the car’s speed, radio volume, and other features.

When using GPS, making calls, or listening to music, Apple’s CarPlay technology and Android Auto connectivity allows for our smartphone devices to be seamlessly integrated into our driving experience. These features are built into the vehicle’s display and the driver can access certain controls.

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