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Summer Season and Increase in Truck Accidents

June 19, 2019

Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers discuss an increase in truck accidents during the summer season. Summer is a favorite time of year for many. School is out, beaches are open, and the nights are long. However, there is a downside to the summer season, and that is an increase in motor vehicle accidents in general and truck accidents in particular.

Why Truck Accidents Increase in Summer

A major reason for the increase in truck accidents during summer is the fact that more trucks are on the roads. Tire blowouts are among the top causes of truck accidents, and blowouts are far more likely to occur in hot weather, which raises tire pressure. Road debris from blown 18-wheeler tires cause accidents, as does any cargo spilling out of a truck.

Summer is also prime time for highway construction work, and the hazards involved in such construction mean increased truck accidents when drivers are not paying attention. Hot weather may also contribute to truck driver fatigue, as well as dehydration if the trucker is not consuming enough fluids. When a truck driver is tired and dehydrated, the risk of a wreck goes up exponentially.

Larger Loads

Because construction picks up in summer, heavy trucks carrying materials to and from such sites are usually carrying larger loads. A heavy load, especially if not secured properly, increases the risk of a truck rolling over or jackknifing.

School is Out

As noted, school is out for summer, and that means more young, inexperienced drivers on the road. High school and college-age drivers are more likely to use their cellphones while behind the wheel and otherwise engage in distracted driving. These drivers may inadvertently cut off trucks or perform some other activity that raises the odds of a crash. Drinking and driving is also more common in the summer months, especially as young people attend more parties or socialize in bars in warm weather.

Families with young children are also on the roads in higher numbers. Even though parents with kids in the car are usually safe drivers, young children can easily distract a driver.

Protecting Yourself

Protect yourself and your family as much as possible from a summer truck accident by taking a few precautions. Make sure everyone in the car wears a seatbelt, obey the speed limit, do not tailgate, drive without distractions and pay special attentions to trucks as you drive. Give trucks in your vicinity a wide berth.

Tire blowouts do not occur only on trucks. Make sure your tires are in good condition and inflated correctly to avoid a summer blowout on your car.

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