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Blind Spots and Truck Accidents

July 31, 2019

Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers discuss blind spots and truck accidents. When driving on the road, safety is always the main priority. This becomes especially important when you are driving alongside a truck. Tractor trailers populate highways and can make merging and changing lanes very challenging. Truck drivers have blind spots on all sides of their vehicles, making it more difficult to see cars and other motorists near them. Learning where a truck’s blind spots are located will increase your own safety and help avoid collisions.

As a driver, being constantly alert will help decrease the likelihood of accidents and aid in protecting yourself and your vehicle from crashes. Despite being higher up from the ground from normal sized vehicles, trucks cannot see everything. Being aware of who is driving around you will not only help keep you safe, but also help keep truck drivers safe as well.

Dangers of Blind Spots

The most important way to prevent collisions with tractor trailers on the road is to stay away from their blind spots. A blind spot is a place where a driver cannot see other vehicles. A truck’s blind spots are located on the right and left sides, parallel to the other lanes on the road. These are referred to as no-zones and are the size of the full length of the truck and areas in the front and rear. A good rule to follow for truck safety is that if a low-vehicle driver cannot see a truck’s side mirrors, then the truck driver most likely cannot see the car driving alongside them. Staying out of blind spots is the safest way to drive on the road. To further ensure safety while driving near tractor trailers, drivers should always signal when intending to pass, pass quickly and with care, keep a truck’s mirrors in sight, and avoid tailgating.

Truck drivers can also do their part to prevent collisions from happening on the roadways. Truck drivers have a lot of accessory options to choose from to help with driving in traffic with other vehicles. Setting up additional mirrors on tractor trailers will increase the scope of view for a truck driver. This can provide an increased view of their blind spots to decrease accidents. Being alert and aware of others is the safest way to drive on the road. Learning where a truck’s blind spots are and being cautious while merging and changing lanes will help prevent accidents.

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