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Dangers of Low-Level Falls

August 1, 2019

Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers weigh in on the dangers of low-level falls. Low-level falls usually happen when someone is standing on the ground. Therefore, the distance the body travels during the slip and fall can be no greater than the height of the victim. Does a fall have to occur at a sizable height to do physical, mental, or psychological damage? According to doctors and scientific researchers, not necessarily. Low-level falls can cause injuries, even serious ones, especially in people who are already injured or are in their senior years.

Just how dangerous can low-level falls be? Individuals over the age of 65 are much more likely than people in other populations to experience this type of fall, and it can lead to long hospital stays. Even if a younger person, such as a child, falls from a low level, they can suffer injury or re-injury. Everyone should take low-level falls seriously because they can and do occasionally lead to short-term and long-term issues.

Common Types of Low-Level Fall Injuries

Every low-level fall happens under specific circumstances, affecting the body in unique ways. However, common types of injuries tend to be linked with low-level falls. Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, are especially likely for low-level fall victims who suffered concussions in the past. Having a traumatic brain injury increases the chances of having another one, even in a fall that seems inconsequential.

Bone fractures are also common, occurring to the arm, leg, pelvis, ribs, or any other hard tissue in the body. Again, the older the victim, the more difficult recovery can be. Some seniors never fully come back from a hip fracture or broken leg. Studies indicate that for elderly people, a low-level fall is the precursor to a string of medical events that lead to death. Some low-level fall trauma is also associated with nerve damage, muscle sprains and strains, and related issues. Under the right circumstances, they can cause spinal injuries. These concerns may be exacerbated by other injuries and could take a long time to heal or necessitate surgery and physical therapy.

Reasons for Low-Level Falls

Low-level falls can happen when a person loses balance. They can also be caused by a preventable situation, as in the case of a sidewalk in front of a retail establishment that has not been cleared of slick ice or slippery leaves. Someone who falls in this situation may have a case to sue the property management for damages if they can prove negligence.

Other frequently reported reasons for low-level falls involve floors that are uneven, obstacles in walkways, poor lighting, and inadequately maintained floors, stairs, and safety equipment, such as railings and slippery surfaces. All public and private property owners should maintain a philosophy of fall prevention, including addressing premises problems immediately.

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