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Motorcycle Safety in Groups

August 6, 2019

Virginia Beach car accident lawyers provide tips for motorcycle safety in groupsRiding solo on a motorcycle is a great feeling, although being out in the open like that can put the rider in a vulnerable position. One would think that riding in a group is safer, but this has risks as well. Truth be told, motorcyclists should make safety a priority no matter how they choose to ride, and understanding the rules for every situation is the best way to go.

Risks of Group Riding

When different people ride together, a lot of things come into the mix. It is likely that everyone is not at the same skill level; some may have years of experience, compared to others that are relatively new to the activity. Motorists that share the road and see a large group may not know how to react and could make a hazardous move.

Before Rolling Out

Experienced motorcyclists know that setting ground rules before the ride promotes safety. This is best done by meeting with all of the riders beforehand. Topics such as the ride length and route, rest stops, amount of riders, and other points can be discussed. A ride leader should be chosen, as well as a designated sweep, or the last rider in line. The remaining group members should also know their positions, with the least experienced right behind the leader. Other preparations, such as designating who will bring tools, how to communicate while riding, and other items should be readied. Every rider should also have a fully charged cell phone and a full tank of gas.

How to Ride

Correct riding formation is vital in a group of motorcycle riders. Riders should stay close to one another, while allowing enough space between each person. This is done by staggering. The leader stays toward the left of the lane, while the second is toward the right. This left-right formation continues to the end, with a one-second distance between each rider. Side-by-side and riding too close are both dangerous as it makes it harder to maneuver, especially if the rider must move quickly to avoid a hazard. Passing should also be done carefully. Rather than doing it as a group, it should be done one by one. Each cyclist should pass the vehicle, and then head back to their original spot in line.

More Words of Advice

Staying single file in hazardous conditions is the safest way to ride. Frequent rest stops and monitoring any rookie riders is also important. It is advised to stay in that formation and avoid any sudden or erratic actions, such as passing other riders, tailgating, and other renegade-style moves.

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