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How Can I Prepare for a Car Accident Deposition?

September 25, 2019

Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers discuss how to prepare for a car accident deposition. After being involved in a car accident, a victim who has filed a personal injury claim may be asked to attend a deposition. What is said during the deposition will be used as part of the decision to accept or deny the claim. While depositions can seem stressful, a victim who has hired a car accident lawyer will be well-prepared for the experience.

What Happens in a Deposition?

A deposition typically takes place in a conference room or other meeting space. In addition to the victim and their lawyer, lawyers for the defense and a court reporter will be present. The defendant’s lawyer will ask the victim detailed questions. However, the victim’s lawyer can object to any inquiries that might appear incriminating.

Some depositions take very little time, while others can be lengthy. At the end of the deposition, the court reporter will create a document and send copies to the victim and their lawyer. They can then determine if they want to make any changes before signing off on the validity of the statements made during the proceedings.

Preparing for a Car Crash Deposition

Individuals who know they will need to undergo a deposition should review their notes. This helps jog their memories, which can fade in just a few weeks or months. It also familiarizes them with the chain of events, including which medical providers they saw and when. If the victim retained a lawyer, they will want to review potential deposition questions with the victim. This prevents the victim from saying something regretful or from forgetting how things happened.

What Should I Bring to a Car Accident Deposition?

On the day of the deposition, the victim may want to bring their notes. These are allowed in a deposition and can help the victim keep everything straight. Again, it can be challenging to recall everything at once, especially in a stressed condition. As for typical questions asked, most depositions start with personal background information inquiries before diving into those regarding health and medical history. Questions about mental health, employment history, and criminal history may also come up.

Making the Deposition Easier

Many victims forget that they have power at their deposition. The less a victim says during the deposition, the better. The victim should simply answer questions concisely, then remain silent. Another helpful suggestion is for victims to avoid getting emotional. The defendant’s lawyer may try to make a victim irate so they say something incriminating. Keeping a cool head avoids problems.

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