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What Should I Keep in My Trunk in Case of an Emergency?

September 27, 2019

Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers answer the question, What Should I Keep in My Trunk in Case of an Emergency?The trunk of a car operates as a permanent mobile storage unit. It is a handy place to temporarily transport groceries and other small items, but it can also be a great location to keep emergency items in the event of a roadside breakdown or car accident. The following objects belong in the back of a car at all times.

Jumper Cables

Anyone who has ever experienced a dead battery knows the value of a trusty pair of jumper cables. Alongside them should be instructions on how to properly use them. Drivers should learn how to use jumper cables in case they find themselves in this situation.

Tire Sealant and Inflator

Having a way to seal and re-inflate tires can avoid having to replace a tire on a busy highway. All tire sealants should be regularly checked and replaced to ensure they are ready to use.


It may seem silly to have a toolbox in a car, but it can be a lifesaver. Having wrenches, pliers, duct tape, and other equipment at the ready makes it easy to get through problems. Plain tools can be just as effective. Over time, drivers may want to add other items to their toolbox, such as bottles of fresh water, a multi-tool, and work gloves.

First Aid Kit

No one wants to get hurt. However, car collisions and other accidents can and do happen. Even having bandages and alcohol wipes can bring peace of mind in case of minor wounds.

Safety Vest and Related Objects

Road flares, an orange safety vest, and neon-colored road triangles are all must-haves when involved in an emergency situation. Not only do they alert other drivers to the scene of a collision, but they show emergency responders exactly where the site is.

Blankets, Flashlights, and Portable Generator

Anyone who typically drives on rural roads, especially during questionable weather, will want to have a way to stay warm, get around, and perhaps have electricity to keep a cell phone functioning.

Carpet Remnant, Kitty Litter, or Cardboard

From ice to mud, conditions can leave tires unable to grip the road. Having a sturdy piece of cardboard or carpet remnant may do the trick. Kitty litter or sand is also useful in this situation.

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