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Temporary Ban on Scooters in Virginia Beach

October 29, 2019

Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers discuss a temporary ban on scooters in Virginia beach.Some Virginia Beach vacationers and residents call them the newest wave in technology, but the City Council has decided electric scooters from Bird and Lime manufacturers will be temporarily barred from the Oceanfront. The ban comes on the heels of many reports of the scooters becoming a nuisance, not to mention a potential safety hazard to riders and those around them. Although the decision to remove the scooters from the Oceanfront will only take place until year’s end, the announcement has encouraged lively debate about scooters in general.

Problems with Scooters at the Oceanfront

 Many people feel the electric scooters are still too unsafe to allow on the Boardwalk and adjacent areas. Since July, as many as 1,000 scooters have been operating in the now-banned area. These scooters run in a geo-fenced area, monitored according to their GPS location.

Although scooters have been advertised as easy and convenient ways for people to get around, especially for those who cannot comfortably walk or bike, they have ushered in some serious concerns. First, many riders have been skirting safety warnings by allowing minors to hop on the scooters, riding with others on the scooter, and driving recklessly. In a little over a week, Virginia Beach officers said they had to intervene in about 2,000 cases of inappropriate scooter activity.

Additionally, medical personnel reported an uptick in scooter-related injuries since the Lime and Bird scooters hit the Oceanfront in earnest. While most of the injuries have not required medical attention in the hospital, some scooter victims have been hospitalized overnight locally, according to reports. Not all injuries happened to riders; a few incidents caused pedestrians or workers minor personal injuries, including city contractors.

Types of Scooter Concerns

Although scooters do not operate as fast as motor vehicles, they can be extremely hazardous. Riders often see them as a tool for recreation or play, opting not to use any kind of safety equipment. Plus, many scooter riders are more prone to falling or hitting objects.

Some of the more common injuries include fractures to the upper and lower limbs. Doctors also report some scooter riders coming to them with knee problems, pelvic problems, and even brain injuries, such as a concussion. Virginia Beach is only the latest of locations to raise the discussion about this new means of travel. Across the nation, many cities and municipalities have begun to tackle new issues governing the use of scooters.

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