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Beware of Halloween Slip and Fall Accidents

October 25, 2019

Virginia Beach Personal Injury lawyers discuss Halloween slip and fall accidents.The ghosts and goblins head out for an evening of fun on October 31, but there is also danger lurking in the dark on Halloween night. As children and their parents head through the neighborhood, they must stay aware of safety hazards that could result in serious slip and fall injuries. Homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties in safe condition. To keep children safe on Halloween, homeowners should take precautions beforehand to reduce the odds of subjecting them to a premises liability lawsuit. Proactive measures include:

  • Raking leaves away from the driveway and walkways
  • Keeping the outside of the home well-lit
  • Ensuring Halloween decorations are not in walkways
  • Inspecting cracked or broken pavement and making repairs

On Halloween night, if you have dogs, make sure they are confined. Some dogs may react aggressively when people come to the door, while happy dogs may jump on a child and knock them over.

Preventing Halloween Falls

It is important for parents to choose a costume that fits their child correctly, where they can move comfortably without tripping. Have your child wear proper footwear, preferably with treads on the soles, that can help cut down on slippage. If the mask interferes with the child’s vision, take it off while the child is walking around and put it back on just before knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell.

Children may know all the shortcuts in the neighborhood to reach particular houses, but do not let them take these off-road or off-walkway shortcuts on Halloween. Make sure they walk on well-lit sideways, walkways, and driveways. Some homeowners do not welcome trick-or-treaters. If this is the case, the homeowner should turn off the outdoor lights to make it clear they do not want anyone coming to the door. Because trick-or-treaters may still approach an unlit home, the homeowner should make sure all walkways are free of clutter and other tripping hazards.

What to Do If Your Child Slips and Falls

If your child suffers a serious slip and fall on Halloween, they should receive prompt medical attention. Before taking your child to the emergency room or an urgent care center, use your smartphone to photograph or video both your child’s injuries and the accident scene. If your child was trick or treating with friends, obtain the contact information of anyone who witnessed the slip and fall and let the property owner know about the incident as soon as possible.

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