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Staying Safe After a Car Accident

January 23, 2020

A car accident is a highly stressful and upsetting event. Drivers will often disregard the idea that they can be involved in a serious accident. Yet, car accidents do happen on American roads every day. Annually, more than 6 million people in the United States have been in an automobile accident.

Car accidents cause most injuries. If involved in a collision, drivers should be prepared to gather necessary information. Being prepared cannot alleviate serious injuries or property damages but can help simplify the aftermath. In order to file a claim, certain information must be gathered.

Medical Treatment

When a car accident happens, the first step is to assess if anyone is injured. It is critical to get emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. Once the driver moves their car to a safe place and out of traffic, emergency services should be contacted. If the car cannot be moved, those inside should remain in the vehicle while contacting emergency services to avoid being struck by passing cars. Being involved in a secondary accident is a serious risk. Once the car is moved or disabled, activate the emergency hazard lights and contact 911.

Provide Clear Information to Emergency Services

When contacting emergency services, it is important to stay calm and provide essential information. Drivers or passengers will need to provide a location. When providing information, use street names, city names, landmarks, and mile markers to help determine your location. Clearly inform the dispatcher of any injuries and of the other parties involved. In some cases, bystanders or other drivers will call 911 to provide this information.

Gather Information from the Other Driver

It is critical to acquire contact information, license plates, insurance, and registration from the other vehicles involved. Exchanging this information is important when filing police reports and insurance claims. When police arrive, they will also gather this information, but drivers should also get this information. One simple and time-saving tip is to take a photo of the other parties’ registration and insurance. A smartphone camera is also extremely helpful when documenting the scene, location, and damages. Stress from an accident can cause memories to be unclear, so having solid documentation is helpful.

Injuries from the Accident

Car accidents can unfortunately lead to several types of injuries. In some cases, victims will receive treatment at the scene of the accident or be taken to an emergency medical facility. However, car accident injuries can also take time to present themselves. For example, it is common for a person to experience musculoskeletal pain a day or two after impact; medical treatment for injuries is essential, even if the injury appears to be minor.

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