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Truck Accident Investigations

January 22, 2020

Motor vehicle accidents tend to lead to financial, emotional, and physical burdens. When tractor trailers are involved, these burdens become more extreme. Therefore, it is important for drivers to always be alert and free from distraction. Unfortunately, many truck drivers often practice negligent behaviors that leads to a higher chance of a truck accident. If an accident occurs, it is important for victims to know how truck accident investigations are conducted.

Truck Accident Investigations

In a truck accident investigation, trucker’s insurance companies often look for ways to blame the victim for the accident. This takes the blame off the truck driver and leads to fewer damages and less compensation for the victim. It is important for victims to know the steps of a truck accident investigation in order to prove that the truck driver’s negligence led to the accident.

Insurance companies need to collect evidence of the investigation so that they can analyze the reports from police officers and other government agencies. Police officers often report the accident scene and these reports can contain witness information, damages that were done, and if the drivers broke any laws. Government agency reports often investigate the truck driver and determine whether they violated any rules that led to the truck accident.

Also, truck insurance companies often perform their own private investigations. These investigations often contain logbooks, conversations with witnesses, and maintenance records. Driver logbooks hold detailed information about a truck driver’s actions, including if they took any breaks. This information can be useful to determine if negligence occurred.

The insurance company may obtain maintenance records to determine if the truck is safe, functional, and if there are any repairs needed. This is done to establish if the truck itself did not cause the accident. After analysis, the insurance company makes a decision regarding who is at-fault for the accident.

Truck Driver Negligence

Truck drivers tend to participate in negligent behaviors due to the nature of their job. They often spend long hours on the road, leading to fatigue or boredom. Negligent behaviors can lead to drowsiness, distracted driving, texting while driving, eating, and other unsafe practices.

Proving Negligence

In order to prove that a truck driver engaged in negligence, victims must prove that the driver breached a duty eventually lead to the accident. It can be relatively easy to prove negligence. Truck drivers have a duty to maintain their safety and the safety of other drivers; they must be alert and cautious while driving.

However, it is important to prove that the driver breached duty of care. A breach indicates that the driver legally failed to accomplish this duty of safety. The victim must also prove that the driver participated in negligent behaviors that led to the accident. Once this is accomplished, the victim can expect to collect damages.

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