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Faulty Brakes and Truck Accidents

April 30, 2020

Faulty brakes on any vehicle have the potential to cause catastrophic consequences, but trucks with faulty brakes pose an especially grave threat. The size and weight of trucks make them extraordinarily dangerous at highway speeds. Without a dependable mechanism for slowing and stopping their momentum, these enormous vehicles become roadway hazards with no restraint.

Poor design, maintenance, or installation can lead to trouble with the truck’s braking system, whether it is intentional or unintentional. When brake trouble leads to a truck accident, there are several possibilities for what might have been the cause, including:

  • Design flaws in the brake components or system.
  • Manufacturing defects in the brake parts.
  • Improper installation of brake parts, like pads or air brake components.
  • Inadequate driver training regarding air brake system usage.
  • Misuse or tampering with brakes to attain higher fuel efficiency or performance.

Mandatory Inspections

Federal trucking laws mandate that big rigs undergo periodic inspections to ensure that they are safe for the roadways. These mandatory inspections include record-keeping rules that involve keeping a brake report.

Oftentimes, these inspections are overlooked due to production-conscious managers signing off on reports for inspections that never took place. These oversights and omissions dodge a central duty of trucking companies to ensure that their vehicles are safe for use on our roads.

Roadside Inspections

Law enforcement departments have been known to assemble pop-up truck inspection sites to check out the trucks operating on the highways. This provides opportunities for truckers to be notified of specific safety infractions and serves as a deterrent to potential offenders. These efforts result in many violations each year and the removal of unsafe trucks from operation.

Brake Trouble Warning Signs

Proper training will alert truck drivers to the possibility of brake trouble. When a truck produces certain sounds or behaviors, it may indicate that the brakes are in distress, including:

Grinding noises: Metal on metal noises, loud grinding, or screeching sounds may indicate that the brakes or brake pads are wearing down and need replacement.

Excessive drag: Rust or other build-up on emergency brakes can cause cables to become stuck and affect a vehicle’s ability to accelerate or operate properly.

Brake pedal pulsation: Pulsing sensations in the brake pedals are often caused by wear or warping of the brake rotors or drums.

Glazed brakes: Excessive or improper braking can cause overheating damage to the brake pads. As the pads break down, the surface of the pads become smooth and shiny, like a glazed ceramic tile.

Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers Help Those Injured by Trucks with Faulty Breaks

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