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Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

May 5, 2020

Car accident victims who do not seek a physician’s care right after a crash can risk serious consequences. Even if it appears that injuries are minor, significant physical and emotional injuries may manifest later. Obvious injuries, like broken bones and bleeding, cannot be ignored; however, invisible ones, such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries, can progress later and remain undetected until it is too late.

Why Should You Get Checked by Your Doctor?

Getting immediate medical treatment after a car accident is essential, and your doctor should be aware of how and when the crash occurred. An undiagnosed injury can quickly worsen, which can lead to more procedures, lengthier treatment and recovery times, lost time at work, and higher medical costs. In some cases, undiagnosed auto accident injuries can later lead to death.

In the likely event that a victim seeks monetary compensation for their injuries, it is essential to have comprehensive medical records. Telling an insurance company about an injury without proof of a diagnosis and treatment and proper documentation will not be helpful. An immediate evaluation by your doctor will strengthen your case.

When dealing with insurance companies, time is crucial. Anyone seeking compensation is required to obtain medical assistance and provide the proper proof within a reasonable timeframe; otherwise, there may be roadblocks when seeking damages.

How Do You Handle a Doctor Who Is Appointed by an Insurance Company?

Auto insurance companies may require accident victims to undergo independent medical examinations (IMEs) as part of processing their claims. This is because companies have a vested interest in the outcomes, and they may also have these doctors appear in court. When an IME is requested, the injured party must go to the examination, and the best course of action is to cooperate.

What Should You Do at the Independent Medical Examination?

Start off by arriving early, this will make a better impression. It is also important to be well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Patients should be well-versed in their own medical history and should bring notes that can be helpful.

Honesty about your injuries is important, and bringing a friend or relative is also advisable, they can record what happens at the appointment and provide support. Above all, patients should not volunteer information or comment on their cases.

Some insurance company doctors are repeatedly used by the same companies. Sometimes, these doctors claim that injuries are not car accident-related. In other scenarios, doctors may state that there are no injuries, or that the injuries are not as serious as the claimant describes. For these reasons, it is beneficial to contact an experienced lawyer who will help you with your case.

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