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How Much Money Will I Get on my Personal Injury Case?

Many people, after being injured in an accident of some kind, wonder whether it is worth it to hire a lawyer and pursue a settlement from the insurance company. How much you will recover on your personal injury case depends on many factors, such as how badly you were injured, whether you needed surgery, if you missed work, and how long you were unable to enjoy the normal activities of life. If you’re trying to decide whether it is worth it to hire a Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyer, you can use our online case evaluator by filling in the information above.

After getting a judgment or settlement in their favor, many clients will have some extra money. Here are some suggestions for how to spend the money from your personal injury case. Every case is unique and there are never any guarantees, but hiring the right lawyer will help you recover the amount you are truly entitled to by the facts of your case, rather than just the amount the insurance company is willing to offer you. If you’ve suffered pain, loss of work, and medical bills because of someone else’s negligence, then you deserve to be reimbursed for those losses. Insurance companies are often very resistant to offering any significant ‘pain and suffering’ money, and it often takes a good lawyer to get them to settle for a fair amount considering the facts of your situation.

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