spend personal injury settlement moneyWhen you’re injured by someone else’s negligence, you’re entitled to get money for expenses and suffering. How much a personal injury case is worth depends on the facts and the amounts of your medical bills. Many clients do have money ‘left over’ from their personal injury settlement after paying the medical bills. You can use our personal injury calculator for a value estimate on your case.

After getting a personal injury settlement, you’ll pay the costs, attorney’s fees, and medical expenses. After paying those items you may still have funds leftover. You have to decide the best way to spend or save your settlement.

What to do With Money From Your Personal Injury Case

There are many ways you could use funds recovered in your personal injury settlement. Among the best ways are those that ensure financial security by paying down debt or saving for the future. But you may also want to take that long awaited trip for some quality bonding time with your spouse or whole family. However you spend it, it is wise to use it in a way that will make you feel safe and secure. This is the express purpose of a claim for “pain and suffering”  — that you are entitled to do something good to help make up for all the bad things you went through with your accident.

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